IIMCB invites PhD students and post-docs from Biocentrum Ochota to the Career Path Day


IIMCB PhD student and Post-docs Councils are organizing the Career Path Day on January 19, 2017. The aim of the event is to enhance personal development of researchers and support them in shaping their career development. We want to open young minds on different professional paths that can be successfully pursued by scientists.

The event is dedicated to PhD students and post-docs from Biocentrum Ochota who will have occasion to listen and talk to our invited guests, professionals from: academia, pharma companies, clinical trials, start-up, consulting, patent attorneys’ office and science supporting institution. The speakers will acquaint the audience with and answer questions about their professional development, career stages, and pros and cons of developing a career in their field. After the panel discussion, the informal beer & snacks party will follow, during which young researchers are encouraged to approach invited guests individually.

Please register on-line via http://bit.ly/CareerPathDay till January 12, 2017.

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