Name:X-ray generator (microfocus)
Description:Until now, researchers often had to choose between speed and data quality. Not anymore! The X8 PROTEUM delivers both extraordinarily high data quality and ultra-fast measurements. Thanks to its excellent overall performance, demanding experiments that were previously not feasible in the home laboratory can now be accomplished quickly and easily. The X8 PROTEUM is a fully integrated solution that brings together the best source, detector, and goniometer technology in a carefully optimized system. It features the MICROSTAR micro-focus X-ray source which sets the new standard for intensity, economy, ease-of-use and reliability. In addition, the system includes the new PLATINUM135 CCD detector which is the fastest and most sensitive large format CCD detector available today. Combined with the time proven 4-circle KAPPA goniometer for ultimate flexibility, the X8 PROTEUM can handle any task with ease from screening crystals to de novo structure determination. The system is driven by the new PROTEUM software suite which provides an easy to use, intuitive interface to control all parts of the experiment, from crystal centering to structure solution.
Responsible person:Roman Szczepanowski, ext. 749

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