International Grants

7th Framework Programme/ERC
1 7th Framework Programme/ERC "Structural studies of Nucleotide Excision Repair complexes" (281500); 1498000 EUR, 2012-2016 M. Nowotny
2 7th Framework Programme/ERC "Engineered Sequence-Specific RNases: New Reagents for RNA biotechnology (ERC Proof of Concept)" (324624); 149970 EUR, 2013-2013 J. M. Bujnicki
3 7th Framework Programme/ERC "Breaking the code of RNA sequence-structure-function relationships: New strategies and tools for modelling and engineering of RNA and RNA-protein complexes" (261351); 1500000 EUR, 2011-2015 J. M. Bujnicki
7th Framework Programme
1 7th Framework Programme "Long-term, prospective study evaluating clinical and molecular biomarkers of epileptogenesis in a genetic model of epilepsy – tuberous sclerosis complex" (602391); 1022824 EUR, 2013-2018 J. Jaworski
2 7th Framework Programme "Better Experimental Screening and Treatment for Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia" (305404); 321720 EUR, 2012-2015 M. Witt
3 7th Framework Programme "Fishing for Medicines and their targets using Zebrafish models of human diseases" (316125); 3574100 EUR, 2012-2016 J. M. Kuźnicki
4 7th Framework Programme "Pathways of Store-Operated Calcium Entry (SOCE) as a novel therapeutic target in neurodegenerative diseases" (NCBR/ERA NET RUS/03/2012); 134443 EUR, 2012-2014 J. M. Kuźnicki
5 7th Framework Programme "Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease" (2/BIOMARKAPD/JPND/2012); 240804 PLN, 2012-2015 J. M. Kuźnicki
6 7th Framework Programme "GSK-3 in neuronal plasticity and neurodegeneration: basic mechanisms and pre-clinical assessment" (223276); 280840 EUR, 2008-2011 J. R. Jaworski
7 7th Framework Programme "STRENGTHENING COOPERATION IN MOLECULAR BIOMEDICINE BETWEEN EU AND UKRAINE" (80036); 973080 EUR, 2011-2014 J. Kuźnicki
8 7th Framework Programme "Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins" (211800); 263284 EUR, 2008-2012 S. Filipek
9 7th Framework Programme "Exgenome Molecular Enzymes" (286556); 156000 EUR, 2011-2013 J. M. Bujnicki
10 7th Framework Programme "Imaging Neurogenesis in Neurodegenerative Disease: In vivo imaging of dopaminergic adult-born neurons in the olfactory bulb of animal models of Parkinson’s disease." (ERA-NET-NEURON/03/2009); 1085875 PLN, 2010-2013 J. Jaworski
11 7th Framework Programme "Proteins in Health and Disease" (229676); 954100 EUR, 2009-2012 J. Kuźnicki
12 7th Framework Programme "Transport and signalling mechanism in polarized cells" (ITN,264399); 225523 EUR, 2010-2014 M. Miączyńska
13 7th Framework Programme "Novel astrategies for the treatment of schizophrenia based on genetic variation of the neural cell adhesion molecule NCAM and enzymes involved in its posttranslational modifications" (ERA-NET NEURON/05/2011); 973080 PLN, 2011-2014 J. Kuźnicki
14 7th Framework Programme "Development of new experimental models for mental retardation and autism by iPS technology: generation of human affected and animal model neurons by reprogramming skin fibroblasts and testing gene correction using in vitro and in vivo models." (ERA-NET-NEURON/06/2011); 1419075 PLN, 2011-2014 J. Jaworski
6th Framework Programme
1 6th Framework Programme "Abnormal proteins in the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative disorders" (LSHM-CT-2003-503330); 161200 EUR, 2004-2006 J. Kuźnicki
2 6th Framework Programme "Mechanisms of transgene intergration and expression in crop plant plastids: underpinning a technology for improving human health" (LSHG-CT-2003-503238); 164160 EUR, 2004-2007 J. M. Bujnicki
3 6th Framework Programme "Genetic Testing in Europe - Network for test development harmonization, validation and standardization of services" (LSHB-CT-2004-512148); 30000 EUR, 2005-2010 M. Witt
4 6th Framework Programme "Co-ordinated internet-linked networks for promoting innovation, exchanging knowledge and couraging good practice to enhance bioscience education in European schools" (511180 (SAS 6)); 38354 EUR, 2005-2008 A. Chołuj
5 6th Framework Programme "From cell-cell recognition to memory formation. New strategies for the treatment of dysfunctional plsticity, learning and memory" (LSHM-CT-2005-512012); 478000 EUR, 2005-2009 J. Kuźnicki
6 6th Framework Programme "A multidisciplinary approach to the study of DNA enzymes down to the single molecule level" (MRTN-CT-2005-019566); 254452 EUR, 2005-2009 J. Bujnicki
7 6th Framework Programme "Tracking the Endocytic Routes of Polypeptide Growth Factor Receptor Complexes and their Modulatory Role on Signalling" (LSHG-CT-2006-019050); 428400 EUR, 2006-2010 M. Miączyńska
8 6th Framework Programme "Structural studies of membrane proteases" (MTKD-CT-2006-042486); 626800 EUR, 2006-2010 M. Bochtler
9 6th Framework Programme "Network of Excellence (NoE)" (LSHG-CT-2005-518238); 143000 EUR, 2008-2010 J. M. Bujnicki
5th Framework Programme
1 5th Framework Programme "Rational engineering of lipid metabolism in flax" (QLK3/CT/2000/00349); 149000 EUR, 2001-2003 L. Rychlewski
2 5th Framework Programme "A new Technology for Fluorescent 'Cell Chip' Immunotoxicity Testing" (QLK4/CT/2000/00787); 231703 EUR, 2001-2003 J. Dastych
3 5th Framework Programme "Thematic Network around Cystic Fibrosis and Related Diseases" (QLK3-CT-1999-00241); 9600 EUR, 2002-2004 M. Witt
4 5th Framework Programme "Continuing Education for European Biology Teachers" (QLG7-CT-2002-00573); 23430 EUR, 2004-2004 J. Bryk
5 5th Framework Programme "Exploiting the HSP70 chaperone machine for novel therapeutic strategies in human diseases and for the engineering of productive cellular biomolecular factories" (QLK3-CT-2000-00720); 64776 EUR, 2002-2004 M. Żylicz
6 5th Framework Programme "Novel non-antibiotic treatment of staphyloccocal diseases Euro and supplementary grant from KBN 776,000 PLN, 2002-2006" (QLK2-CT-2002-01250); 238382 EUR, 2002-2006 M. Bochtler
7 5th Framework Programme "Centre of Excellence in Molecular Bio-Medicine" (QLK6-CT-2002-90363); 350000 EUR, 2003-2006 J. Kuźnicki
1 INTERREG IV C "Effective Technology Transfer in Biotechnology" (1210R4); 128070 EUR, 2012-2014 M. Powierża
Polish-Swiss Research Programme
1 Polish-Swiss Research Programme "The role of tumor susceptibility gene 101 (Tsg101) in transcriptional regulation in health and disease" (PSPB-094/2010); 5365200 PLN, 2012-2016 M. Miączyńska
Wellcome Trust
1 Wellcome Trust "Structural and Biochemical studies of Holliday junction resolution" (0988022/Z/11/Z); 3369854 USD, 2012-2017 M. Nowotny
2 Wellcome Trust "Communication between intracellular organelles in trafficking and signalling: the role of APPL proteins" (076469/Z/05/Z); 4315706 PLN, 2005-2012 M. Miączyńska
3 Wellcome Trust "Structural and functional studies of two members of integrase superfamily – type 2 RNase H and Ruvc resolvase – from substrate recognition to catalysis" (081760/Z/06/A); 4106806 PLN, 2007-2012 M. Nowotny
1 HHMI "Structural and Mechanistic Studies of Nucleic Acid Processing" (55007428); 715000 USD, 2012-2017 M. Nowotny
2 HHMI "Molecular causes underlying the partial folding of a microtubule-associated protein domain" (302.3); 5500 USD, 2003-2004 J. M. Bujnicki
3 HHMI "Bioinformatics-guided enfineering of DNA methyltransferases" (742); 7000 USD, 2003-2004 J. M. Bujnicki
4 HHMI "Signaling from endosomes to the nucleus: The role of APPL proteins and their interacting partners" (55005619); 494500 USD, 2006-2010 M. Miączyńska
1 EMBO "Protein biogenesis and redox homeostasis in mitochondria" (1966); 250000 EUR, 2010-2013 A. Chacińska
2 EMBO "Structural and biochemical studies of UvrA DNA repair protein." (1476); 250000 EUR, 2007-2012 M. Nowotny
1 DFG "Single-molecule fluorescence analysis of the temperature dependent structure and dynamics of an RNA thermometer: consequences for its molecular function" (SE 1195/12-2); 90450 EUR, 2010-2013 J. M. Bujnicki
1 ICGEB "mTOR-driven phosphorylation of ZBP1 and Ago2 in neuronal development" (CRP/12/010); 48000 EUR, 2012-2015 J. Jaworski
Visegrad Fund
1 Visegrad Fund "Summer school in Bioinformatics & NGO data analysis" (2161009); 14000 EUR, 2016-2017 L. Pryszcz
1 NIH "Discovering New Human DNA Repair Genes by Bioinformatics" (NIH-WSU: R21 CA 097899 WSU-IIMCB: WSU03043-A1); 89401 USD, 2003-2005 J. M. Bujnicki
2 NIH "Low-resolution Structural Genomics of Nucleases" (NIH-UW: 1 R03 TW007163-01, CDFA No 93.989 UW-IIMCB: 952056); 53365 USD, 2004-2006 J. M. Bujnicki
3 NIH "Kinetoplastid SL RNA Biogenesis" (NIH-UCLA: CFDA 93.856 UCLA-IIMCB: 2301 G EN541); 100440 USD, 2004-2009 J. M. Bujnicki
4 NIH "High-Accuracy Protein Models Derived from Lower Resolution Data" (NIH-ISU: R01-GM081680 ISU-IIMCB: 430-46-22 B); 60000 USD, 2007-2010 J. M. Bujnicki
Polish Norwegian Research Fund
1 Polish Norwegian Research Fund "Screening for novel functions of endocytic and autophagic proteins in the regulation of gene expression, cell growth and carcinogenesis" (PNRF-27-AI-1/07); 672572 EUR, 2010-2011 I. Pilecka
2 Polish Norwegian Research Fund "Aberrant synaptic plasticity in epilepsy" (PNRF-96-AI-1/07); 362200 EUR, 2008-2010 J. Jaworski
EMBO & HHMI Young Investigator Programme Award
1 EMBO & HHMI Young Investigator Programme Award "Peptidases, proteases and protein degradation" (741); 78000 USD, 2004-2006 M. Bochtler
2 EMBO & HHMI Young Investigator Programme Award "Sequence-structure-function relationships in the evolution of RNA and DNA methyltransferases and restriction enzymes" (741(USD)); 78000 USD, 2003-2005 J. M. Bujnicki
3 EMBO & HHMI Young Investigator Programme Award "Sequence-structure-function relationships in the evolution of RNA and DNA methyltransferases and restriction enzymes." (302.2 (PLN)); 150000 PLN, 2003-2005 J. M. Bujnicki
Utrecht University fellowships (5 PhD students)
1 Utrecht University fellowships (5 PhD students) "Utrecht University fellowships for five PhD students" (none); 40000 EUR, 2004-2007 J. Kuźnicki
1 UNESCO "Science of modern biology - exploratory resources for biology teachers and students" (27242703 POA); 20000 USD, 2004-2005 J. Lilpop
The Max Planck Society (MPG)/ Polish Academy of Sciences
1 The Max Planck Society (MPG)/ Polish Academy of Sciences "Joint MPG-PAN Junior Research Group Program" (none); 1500000 EUR, 2000-2010 M. Bochtler
The Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG)
1 The Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG) "Biochemical and microscopial characterization of APPL-positive endosomes" (none); 109000 EUR, 2006-2010 M. Miączyńska

Polish Grants

NCBR Research Grants
1 NCBR Research Grants "Development of new cancer therapies based on selective antitumor immunomodulators" (265503); 1000000 PLN, 2015-2017 M. Nowotny
2 NCBR Research Grants "Development of new biotechnology products based on innovative technique of ribonucleic acid cleavage" (245550); 2829000 PLN, 2015-2018 J. M. Bujnicki
3 NCBR Research Grants "Biotechnological applications of bacteriolytic protein (IIMCB budget: 2059000 PLN)" (177126); 2443260 PLN, 2013-2016 I. Sabała
4 NCBR Research Grants "Polish Reference Genome for Genomic Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine (IIMCB budget: 732347 PLN)" (181852); 4648937 PLN, 2013-2016 M. Mossakowska
5 NCBR Research Grants "New drugs for targeted therapy of multiple myelomas (IIMCB budget: 368880 PLN)" (176911); 5327452 PLN, 2012-2015 M. Nowotny
6 NCBR Research Grants "The study of genetic variation at the cellular level – new opportunities for forensic identification" (OR00002712); 9904670 PLN, 2010-2013 J. Kuźnicki
NCN Research Grants
1 NCN Research Grants "Deciphering BMP6 regulatory mechanisms using CRISPR/Cas9-based screening approach" (2015/19/P/NZ2/03278); 893104 PLN, 2017-2018 K. Mleczko-Sanecka
2 NCN Research Grants "Deciphering the role of RNA editing in zebrafish development" (2015/19/P/NZ2/03655); 921064 PLN, 2017-2018 L. Pryszcz
3 NCN Research Grants "Analysis of the mitochondrial proteins translocase TIM22 in human cells" (2016/20/S/NZ1/00423); 612000 PLN, 2016-2019 K. J. Chojnacka
4 NCN Research Grants "Genomic profiling of zebrafish cardiac pacemaker cells" (2015/19/P/NZ3/03613); 921064 PLN, 2016-2018 R. Minhas
5 NCN Research Grants "Regulation of genome activity in plastids" (2015/19/P/NZ1/03619); 402932 PLN, 2016-2017 A. T. Wierzbicki
6 NCN Research Grants "Regulation of the human cap methyltransferase CMTr1 by an RNA helicase" (2015/19/B/NZ1/03449); 49800 PLN, 2016-2017 M. M. Zielińska
7 NCN Research Grants "Endocytosis of AXL receptor and its role in AXL-mediated signaling" (2015/19/B/NZ3/03270); 762929 PLN, 2016-2019 D. P. Zdżalik-Bielecka
8 NCN Research Grants "Identification of genes controlling brain development through genomic analysis of patients" (2015/19/B/NZ2/01824); 162960 PLN, 2016-2019 C. L. Winata
9 NCN Research Grants "Mechanisms protecting from oxidative damage during aging" (2015/19/B/NZ1/03444); 1200800 PLN, 2016-2019 U. Topf
10 NCN Research Grants "Characterization of the TIM23 pathway of protein import into mitochondria in mammalian cells" (2015/19/B/NZ3/03272); 1198600 PLN, 2016-2019 M. S. Wasilewski
11 NCN Research Grants "Cross-talk between the transport of mitochondrial proteins and cellular protein homeostasis" (2015/18/A/NZ1/00025); 4271581 PLN, 2016-2021 A. Chacińska
12 NCN Research Grants "Modeling 3D structures and dynamics of RNA complexes with metal ions, with particular emphasis on the formation of non-canonical base pairs: extension of he SimRNA coarse-grained model towards hish-resolution" (2015/17/D/NZ1/01560); 465400 PLN, 2016-2019 D. Niedziałek
13 NCN Research Grants "The role of Zebrafish mTOR in neuronal development in vivo as a key regulator of neuronal circuit formation" (2015/17/D/NZ3/03735); 689000 PLN, 2016-2019 J. Zmorzyńska
14 NCN Research Grants "RNA structure prediction based on modeling the target sequence and homologous sequences" (2015/17/N/NZ2/03360); 49400 PLN, 2016-2017 M. Magnus
15 NCN Research Grants "Functional Characterization of Non-Collagenous Extracellular Matrix Proteins as a Potential Molecular Target and Novel Biomarker of Liver Fibrosis" (2014/15/D/NZ5/03421); 541875 PLN, 2015-2018 M. A. Pawlak
16 NCN Research Grants "Role of CacyBP/SIP in the dysregulation of beta-catenin ubiquitination in YAC128 mouse model of Huntington's disease" (2014/15/D/NZ3/05181); 650000 PLN, 2015-2018 M. Czeredys
17 NCN Research Grants "Modulation of mitochondrial calcium traffic in pink1 mutant Zebrafish model of Parkinson's disease" (2014/15/D/NZ3/05176); 583437 PLN, 2015-2018 S. K. Soman
18 NCN Research Grants "Structural biology of mixed lineage leukemia (MLL) proteins" (2014/14/M/NZ5/00558); 1255000 , 2015-2018 M. Bochtler
19 NCN Research Grants "Mitochondrial RNA decay and surveillance - comprehensive interdisciplinary studies" (2014/12/W/NZ1/00463); 2953248 , 2014-2019 M. Nowotny
20 NCN Research Grants "Elucidating the gene regulatory network of zebrafish heart development using genomics" (2014/13/B/NZ2/03863); 955500 , 2015-2018 C. L. Winata
21 NCN Research Grants "New 5-hydroxymethylcytosine binding proteins" (2014/13/B/NZ1/03991); 1283750 , 2015-2018 M. Bochtler
22 NCN Research Grants "Coupling of synthesis and transport for proteins targeted to the mitochondia" (2013/11/B/NZ3/00974); 1165520 , 2014-2017 A. Chacińska
23 NCN Research Grants "Extramitochondrial factors regulating turnover of mitochondrial intermembrane" (2013/11/D/NZ1/02294); 796100 , 2014-2017 P. Brągoszewski
24 NCN Research Grants "Patient-specific iPS cells as a novel approach to study patophysiology of mTOR related neurodvelopmental disorders" (2013/11/D/NZ3/01079); 700000 PLN, - E. Liszewska
25 NCN Research Grants "Role of Rap proteins in regulation of mTOR function" (2012/07/E/NZ3/00503); 1500000 PLN, 2013-2018 J. Jaworski
26 NCN Research Grants "Bioinformatic analysis of GmrSD, a Type IV Modification-Dependent Restriction Systems" (2012/07/N/NZ2/01562); 100000 PLN, 2013-2016 M. Machnicka
27 NCN Research Grants "Regulation of mTOR kinase signaling pathway by ESCRT-II complex in dendritogenesis" (2012/07/N/NZ3/01661); 140000 PLN, 2013-2016 M. Pieprzyk
28 NCN Research Grants "Molecular mechanisms of pro-survival processes in breast cancer" (2012/06/A/NZ1/00089); 3000000 PLN, 2013-2017 M. Żylicz
29 NCN Research Grants "Interplay between MIA pathway and reactive oxygen species in mitochondrial homeostasis" (2012/05/B/NZ3/00781); 663500 PLN, 2013-2015 M. Wasilewski
30 NCN Research Grants "Nuclear functions of mTOR in neurons" (2012/05/B/NZ3/00429); 750000 PLN, 2013-2016 J. R. Jaworski
31 NCN Research Grants "Genome wide high throughput analysis of 5-hydroxymethyl cytosine in Danio rerio" (2012/05/N/NZ2/02233); 150000 PLN, 2013-2015 K. Mierzejewska
32 NCN Research Grants "Structural basis of the recognition of postreplicative DNA modifications" (2012/05/N/NZ1/01912); 100000 PLN, 2013-2014 W. Siwek
33 NCN Research Grants "Analysis role of the PsbS subunit from photosystem II in the non-photochemical quenching" (2012/05/N/NZ1/01922); 99200 PLN, 2013-2014 P. Haniewicz
34 NCN Research Grants "Modeling of charge transport in RNA structural motifs" (2012/05/N/NZ1/02970); 75000 PLN, 2013-2014 J. Stasiewicz
35 NCN Research Grants "Identification of post-transcriptional modifications in RNA sequences through mass Spectrometry" (2012/05/D/ST/6/0382); 493125 PLN, 2013-2015 B. Kluge
36 NCN Research Grants "The role of Amyloid Precursor Protein in the regulation of store-operated calcium entry" (2011/03/B/NZ3/01760); 504000 PLN, 2012-2016 T. Węgierski
37 NCN Research Grants "Determination of composition structure and substrate specificity of the mRNA_m6A methyltransferase protein complex" (2011/03/D/NZ1/03247); 750000 PLN, 2012-2016 E. Purta
38 NCN Research Grants "Structural RNomics" (2012/04/A/NZ2/00455); 3000000 PLN, 2012-2017 J. Bujnicki
39 NCN Research Grants "Does the hyperactivation of mTOR kinase interfere with cell differentiation into neurons?" (2012/04/S/NZ3/00264); 608100 PLN, 2012-2015 B. M. Tarkowski
40 NCN Research Grants "A code for RNA recognition in RNA–RRM interactions" (2012/04/S/NZ1/00729); 612000 PLN, 2012-2015 M. Nowacka
41 NCN Research Grants "Architecture and evolution of protein-RNA networks and their relevance in the process of virulence regulation" (2011/03/D/NZ8/3011); 720000 PLN, 2012-2016 S. Dunin-Horkawicz
42 NCN Research Grants "The interplay between the processes of inner membrane formation and protein transport in mitochondria" (2011/03/N/NZ3/01614); 318750 PLN, 2012-2015 P. Kwiatkowska
43 NCN Research Grants "Development of a new scoring function for models of protein-small molecule complexes and its use for studying the mechanism of protein-ligand recognition" (2011/03/N/NZ2/3241); 230000 PLN, 2012-2014 I. Tuszyńska
44 NCN Research Grants "Regulation of clathrin-dependent endocytosis by mTOR kinase in neuronal development" (2011/03/B/NZ3/01970); 813125 PLN, 2012-2016 J. R. Jaworski
45 NCN Research Grants "Oxidation landscape of mitochondrial proteins upon ROS production and in ageing" (2011/03/B/NZ2/01402); 997500 PLN, 2012-2016 A. Chacińska
46 NCN Research Grants "Transgenic mice with elevated basal level of calcium ions in neurons as a model of aged-induced neurodegeneration of sporadic Alzheimer’s disease" (2011/02/A/NZ3/00144); 2989800 PLN, 2012-2017 J. M. Kuźnicki
47 NCN Research Grants "New functions of endocytic proteins in transcriptional regulation" (2011/02/A/NZ3/00149); 2875000 PLN, 2012-2017 M. Miączyńska
48 NCN Research Grants "The role of HSP70 in the stabilization of p53 mutants in cancer cells" (2011/01/N/NZ1/00202); 192000 PLN, 2011-2014 M. K. Wiech
49 NCN Research Grants "Sequence specificity and its determinants in dsRNA endoribonucleases" (2011/01/B/NZ1/00209); 350000 PLN, 2011-2015 K. J. Skowronek
50 NCN Research Grants "Generation of knockouts of HMTR1 and HMTR2 genes in human somatic cells and functional analysis of cap1 and cap2 methyltransferases encoded by these genes" (2011/01/N/NZ1/00211); 100000 PLN, 2011-2014 M. Werner
51 NCN Research Grants "Structural and functional characterization of novel non-coding RNAs from Helicobacter pylori" (2011/01/D/NZ1/00212); 550000 PLN, 2011-2015 G. M. Chojnowski
52 NCN Research Grants "The contribution of STIM proteins and the role of store-operated calcium entry (SOCE) in calcium homeostasis of neurons" (2011/01/D/NZ3/02051); 684000 PLN, 2011-2017 J. Gruszczyńska-Biegała
53 NCN Research Grants "Role of transcription factor TCF7L2 in establishment of thalamocortical connectivity and identity of thalamic neurons" (2011/01/N/NZ3/05345); 96000 PLN, 2011-2013 A. P. Nagalski
54 NCN Research Grants "Investigation of Arc Protein Role in Synaptic Plasticity of Hippocampal and Cortical Neurons and Mechanisms Regulating Arc Expression with the Special Focus on GSK3-Dependent Degradation" (2011/01/B/NZ3/05397); 450000 PLN, 2011-2014 A. K. Góźdź
55 NCN Research Grants "Characterization of mTOR-dependent phosphorylation of ZBP1 and CLIP-170 and description of its contribution to dendritic arbor development" (2011/01/N/NZ3/05405); 180000 PLN, 2011-2014 A. S. Urbańska
56 NCN Research Grants "Defining the mechanism of GSK3 dependent regulation of mTOR kinase activity in neurons in physiology and pathology" (2011/01/N/NZ3/05409); 150000 PLN, 2011-2014 M. B. Urbańska
57 NCN Research Grants "The relationship between GSK3α and GSK3β activities and neuronal plasticity in chronic stress" (2011/01/M/NZ3/05413); 499964 PLN, 2011-2014 I. Cymerman
Ministerial Research Grants
1 Ministerial Research Grants "Elucidating the mechanism of translational control of maternal transcripts through cytoplasmic polyadenylation" (DI2014 008644); 199980 PLN, 2015-2019 M. Łapiński
2 Ministerial Research Grants "Cytosolic chaperone systems for mitochondrial precursor proteins" (0002/ID1/2014/63); 3156000 PLN, 2014-2017 A. Chacińska
3 Ministerial Research Grants "Molecular determinants of sequence-specific DNA-RNA hybrid recognition" (IP2012 065672); 180000 PLN, 2013-2015 A. Sulej
4 Ministerial Research Grants "mTOR compex 2 role in the regulation of actin cytoskeleton and neuronal dendritogenesis" (IP2012 037872); 288750 PLN, 2013-2015 M. Urbańska
5 Ministerial Research Grants "Zinc finger Com-RNA complex as an example of specific protein-RNA interaction" (IP2012 049072); 200000 PLN, 2013-2015 M. Nowacka
6 Ministerial Research Grants "Bioinformatics search and analysis of protelomerase and its DNA recognition sites" (IP2012 030172); 152000 PLN, 2013-2014 L. Kozłowski
7 Ministerial Research Grants "Analysis of the relationship between sequence and structure in coiled-coil protein domains" (IP2011011071); 178000 PLN, 2012-2014 S. Dunin-Horkawicz
8 Ministerial Research Grants "Bioinformatics analysis of sequence-structure-function relationships in the GIY-YIG nuclease superfamily" (IP2011021871); 100000 PLN, 2012-2013 K. H. Kamińska
9 Ministerial Research Grants "Structural biology of anti-cancer DNA methyltransferase inhibitors" (IP2011060971); 200000 PLN, 2012-2013 M. Wojciechowski
10 Ministerial Research Grants "Coordinating proteasome subunit expression: structural biology of the master regulator Rpn4" (IP2011050971); 400000 PLN, 2012-2013 M. Sokołowska
11 Ministerial Research Grants "Casimir-Polder effect in scattering of atoms on liquid surfaces" (IP2011030771); 150000 PLN, 2012-2013 G. Łach
12 Ministerial Research Grants "Practical algorithms for graph isomorphism testing in the computational biology" (IP2011058671); 160000 PLN, 2012-2013 T. Waleń
13 Ministerial Research Grants "Structural analysis of the RNA-RNA and RNA-protein interactions" (IP2011006671); 145000 PLN, 2012-2014 G. Chojnowski
14 Ministerial Research Grants "Structural studies of mechanism of action of UvrC protein from bacterial DNA repair system called nucleotide excision repair system" (IP2011018671); 150000 PLN, 2012-2013 M. Jaciuk
15 Ministerial Research Grants "Development and application of new methods for protein-RNA and protein-DNA complexes modeling" (IP2011057071); 175000 PLN, 2012-2014 I. Tuszyńska
16 Ministerial Research Grants "Structural analysis of RNase H3 in complex with a substrate - the mechanism of action and substrate specificity in the context of an enzyme family" (IP2011012171); 150000 PLN, 2012-2013 M. Figiel
17 Ministerial Research Grants "Analysis of sequence-structure-function relationships in the evolution of RNA methyltransferases" (8 T11F 010 19); 19000 PLN, 2000-2000 J. M. Bujnicki
18 Ministerial Research Grants "Engineering of DNA Methytransferases" (KBN-6/P04B/00519); 400000 PLN, 2000-2003 J. Bujnicki
19 Ministerial Research Grants "Identification of specificity determinants of restriction endonucleases by bioinformatics and mutagenesis" (3 P04A 011 24); 300000 PLN, 2003-2006 J. M. Bujnicki
20 Ministerial Research Grants "Characterisation of Promoter Sequences, Transcription Factors and Signal Transduction Pathways involved in the Activation of IL-4 Gene Expression by Heavy Metal Ions" (4 P05A 051 18); 180000 PLN, 2000-2002 J. Dastych
21 Ministerial Research Grants "Modelling of G Protein-Coupled Receptor and their interactions with drugs in case of opioid receptors" (3 P05F 026 25); 120000 PLN, 2003-2006 S. Filipek
22 Ministerial Research Grants "Role of glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta in neuronal death" (6 P04A 004 21); 270000 PLN, 2001-2003 M. Hetman
23 Ministerial Research Grants "Application of bioinformatic tools to characterization of enzymes involved in DNA repair" (3 P05A 020 24); 30800 PLN, 2003-2004 M. Kurowski
24 Ministerial Research Grants "Calcium binding proteins interaction with presenilin 1 (PS1) in lymphocytes of Alzheimer's disease patients and healthy controls" (6 P04A 039 20); 325000 PLN, 2001-2004 J. Kuźnicki
25 Ministerial Research Grants "The Role of TNF-Alpha Propeptide in the Process of Storage of this Cytokine in Mast Cell Cytoplasmatic Granules" (6 P04A 005 21); 20000 PLN, 2001-2002 M. Olszewski
26 Ministerial Research Grants "Influence of 3'UTR sequences of IL-4 gene on stability of mRNA" (6 P04A 039 19); 18200 PLN, 2000-2001 D. Trzaska
27 Ministerial Research Grants "Cloning and Characterisation of a Novel Human Protein Kinase" (6 P04B 006 19); 386500 PLN, 2000-2003 L. Trzeciak
28 Ministerial Research Grants "Hsp90 in Cancerogenesis" (3 P04B 021 22); 462000 PLN, 2002-2005 A. Wawrzynow
29 Ministerial Research Grants "Interaction of chaperones with p53 protein" (6 P04A 042 19); 447000 PLN, 2000-2002 M. Żylicz
30 Ministerial Research Grants "Differences in action of stress-induced and constitutively synthesized Hsp70" (2 P04A 010 27); 550200 PLN, 2004-2007 M. Żylicz
31 Ministerial Research Grants "Combating bacterial resistance against MLSb antibiotics by design of a novel type of inhibitors against Erm methyltransferases" (2 P05A 108 27); 93000 PLN, 2004-2006 M. Feder
32 Ministerial Research Grants "Biochemical and microscopical characterization of APPLpositive endosomes" (2 P04A 038 28); 390040 PLN, 2005-2008 M. Miączyńska
33 Ministerial Research Grants "STRUF- the novel software for classification and prediction of proteins functions" (3T11C04029); 105000 PLN, 2005-2007 J. Sasin
34 Ministerial Research Grants "Investigation of structure of presenilin protein and significance of its mutations in Alzheimer’s disease development" (2 P05A 129 29); 220000 PLN, 2005-2008 K. Jóźwiak
35 Ministerial Research Grants "Identification of natural substrates for enzymes from the HINT family of phosphoroamidases and identification of enzymes that synthesize these substrates" (2 P04A 05029); 352000 PLN, 2005-2008 P. Bieganowski
36 Ministerial Research Grants "From patterns of gene expression and regulatory motifs towards prediction and modeling of global gene expression in brain physiology and pathology”, Director: B. Kamińska-Kaczmarek from Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology; within the commissioned gr" (3/0-PBZ-MNiI-2/1/2005); 375000 PLN, 2006-2009 J. Jaworski
37 Ministerial Research Grants "International Project Grant (MPG Program) “The role of cell cortex mechanics in cell motility" (none); 4692929 PLN, 2009-2013 E. Paluch
38 Ministerial Research Grants "Development and implementation of methods for improving protein’s crystals quality by engineering of protein-protein contacts" (DWM/N2/DFG/2008); 940000 PLN, 2008-2011 J. M. Bujnicki
39 Ministerial Research Grants "Polish-German Special Grant The role of cell cortex contractility in the establishment and positioning of the cleavage furrow" The Max Planck Society (MPG) – the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) MPI-CBG Junior Research Program - Laboratory" (JRGP/37/2005); 3024200 PLN, 2006-2009 E. Paluch
40 Ministerial Research Grants "Polish-Spanish Special Grant “Computer prediction and simulation of RNA tertiary structure formation" (HISZPANIA/152/2006); 553600 PLN, 2007-2010 J. M. Bujnicki
41 Ministerial Research Grants "Polish-German Special Grant “Relationship between dysregulated calcium homeostasis and synaptic pathology in Alzheimer’s disease as a target for therapy" (P-N/001/2006); 1050000 PLN, 2007-2010 J. Kuźnicki
42 Ministerial Research Grants "Proteins S-nitrosylation and Cdk5 kinase-dependent phosphorylation. Proteomic studies of synaptosomal fractions from transgenic mice - Alzheimer's disease models." (NN301254333); 70000 PLN, 2007-2010 A. Szybińska
43 Ministerial Research Grants "Role of dendrtic mRNA transport and local protein syntheis in development of dendritic arobor of neurons" (NN301314733); 300000 PLN, 2007-2010 J. Jaworski
44 Ministerial Research Grants "Investigation of activation processes of GPCRs by theoretical methods." (NN301203833); 205000 PLN, 2007-2010 S. Filipek
45 Ministerial Research Grants "Role of mTOR-regulated proteins in development of dendritic tree of hippocampal and cortical neurons" (2P04A01530); 220800 PLN, 2006-2009 J. Jaworski
46 Ministerial Research Grants "Studies of agonist and antagonist binding modes in opioid receptors" (NN401140133); 50000 PLN, 2007-2009 S. Filipek
47 Ministerial Research Grants "Experimental characterization of the complete set of RNA methyltransferases in the model organisms and identification of their counterparts in sequenced genomes" (NN301239633); 460000 PLN, 2007-2010 J. M. Bujnicki
48 Ministerial Research Grants "Investigation of mechanisms regulating expression of calmyrin 2, a novel EF-hand Ca2+-binding protein and elucidation of calmyrin 2 role in Ca2+ signal transduction in physiology and death of neurons." (N30110932/3854); 303000 PLN, 2007-2010 U. Wojda
49 Ministerial Research Grants "Functional characterization of Exonuclease G - the role in the apoptosis and diabetes" (NN401 061535); 290400 PLN, 2008-2011 I. Cymerman
50 Ministerial Research Grants "Modultion of activity of transription factors involved in tumorigenesis, by MDM2 and other E3 ubiquitin ligases" (NN301 032534); 750000 PLN, 2008-2011 M. Żylicz
51 Ministerial Research Grants "Sturctural and biochemical studies of restriction enzymes specific for pseudopalindromic sequences." (NN301 029534); 344400 PLN, 2008-2011 M. Bochtler
52 Ministerial Research Grants "Identification and characteristics of endosomal proteins involved in the regulation of gene transcription" (N N301 296437); 340740 PLN, 2009-2013 I. Pilecka
53 Ministerial Research Grants "The role of mitochondria in biogenesis and pathogenesis of superoxide dismutase Sod1" (N N301 298337); 476000 PLN, 2009-2012 A. Chacińska
54 Ministerial Research Grants "The role of multifunctional adaptor proteins APPL1 and APPL2 in the regulation of cell growth and tumorigenic potential" (N N301 189839); 336000 PLN, 2010-2013 B. Pyrzyńska
55 Ministerial Research Grants "Mechanism of oncogenic activities of mutated TP53" (NN302621838); 600000 PLN, 2010-2013 A. Żylicz
56 Ministerial Research Grants "Towards a new drug against influenza: Identification and characterization of compounds witch abolish the activity of the influenza virus mRNA polymerase by the inhibition of virus endonuclease" (NN401585738); 150000 PLN, 2010-2013 K. Kamińska
57 Ministerial Research Grants "Biochemical and structural studies of lentiviral reverse transcriptases" (NN301439738); 599800 PLN, 2010-2014 M. Nowotny
58 Ministerial Research Grants "Experimental characterization of hMTcap1 and hMTcap2 – last missing enzymes taking part in biosynthesis of the cap structure of human mRNA" (N N301 425338); 500000 PLN, 2010-2013 J. M. Bujnicki
59 Ministerial Research Grants "Structural studies of ββα-Me restriction endonucleases" (N N301 425038); 400000 PLN, 2010-2012 H. Czapińska
60 Ministerial Research Grants "Identification of a genetic program regulated by Lef1/B-katenina complex in mature neurons" (N N301 424538); 372000 PLN, 2010-2013 M. Wiśniewska
61 Ministerial Research Grants "Function of STIM proteins in capacitative calcium entry to the ER of healthy neurons and of cells with calcium dyshomeostasis in Alzheimer’s disease" (N N301 190039); 340740 PLN, 2010-2013 J. Kuźnicki
62 Ministerial Research Grants "Searching for compounds abolishing bacterial resistance for MLSb antibiotics" (0337/P01/2010/70); 150000 PLN, 2010-2011 E. Purta
63 Ministerial Research Grants "A new type of antibacterial drugs: a search for inhibitors of Arm methyltransferases that confer resistance to aminoglycosides" (0160/H03/2010/70); 100000 PLN, 2010-2011 K. Kamińska
64 Ministerial Research Grants "The Elmo1 function of regulated by mTOR kinase activity in neuronal plasticity." (N N301 779040); 250000 PLN, 2010-2014 M. Błażejczyk
65 Ministerial Research Grants "Is there a “universal” RNA-guided DNA endonuclease?" (N N302 654640); 400000 PLN, 2011-2014 M. Bochtler
66 Ministerial Research Grants "Changes in cell cycle and apoptosis as a basis for diagnosis and potential therapeutic targets in Alzheimer’s disease" (N N401 596840); 408000 PLN, 2011-2014 U. Wojda
Ministerial Commissioned Grants
1 Ministerial Commissioned Grants "New bioinformatic tools for proteomics and structural genomics" (PBZ-KBN-088/P04/2003); 1850000 PLN, 2004-2007 J. M. Bujnicki
2 Ministerial Commissioned Grants "Three tasks within an ordered grant (PBZ-MNiI-2/1/2005) „Application of contemporary functional genomics and bioinformatics to characterize and develop models of biological processes of medical and agricultural interest”: 1) Modeling of prote" (MNiSW); 2009 , 2006-2009 J. Bujnicki
3 Ministerial Commissioned Grants "Molecular and Genetic Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration and Neuroprotection" (PBZ-KBN-002/CD/P05/2000); 260000 PLN, 2001-2002 M. Hetman
4 Ministerial Commissioned Grants "Molecular and Genetic Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration and Neuroprotection" (PBZ-KBN-002/CD/P05/2000); 300000 PLN, 2001-2002 J. Kuźnicki
5 Ministerial Commissioned Grants "Genetic and Environmental Longevity Factors in a Group of Polish Centenarians" (PBZ-KBN-022/P05/1999); 1500000 PLN, 2001-2004 J. Kuźnicki
6 Ministerial Commissioned Grants "Addiction: Neurobiological Basis, Mechanisms, Methods of Prophylaxis and Treatment" (PBZ-KBN-033/P05/2000); 3400000 PLN, 2001-2004 R. Przewłocki
7 Ministerial Commissioned Grants "The transduction of neuronal Ca2+ -signals via EF-hand Calcium-Binding Proteins Caldendrin and Calmyrin in Alzheimer's disease and psychotic disorders" (064/P05/2003); 955400 PLN, 2003-2006 U. Wojda
8 Ministerial Commissioned Grants "Advanced molecular methods in haematology. Development and implementation of standardized research procedures for minimal residual disease, posttransplantation chimerism and marker translocations" (PBZ-KBN-120/P05/2004); 3027500 PLN, 2005-2009 M. Witt
9 Ministerial Commissioned Grants "Structural studies of restriction endonucleases generating unusual cleavage patterns" (PBZ/MEiN/01/2006/24); 160000 PLN, 2007-2009 H. Czapińska
10 Ministerial Commissioned Grants "Mechanism of biosynthesis of unusual protein-glycosaminoglycan linkage that plays key role in inflammatory processes" (PBZ/MEiN/01/2006/50); 106560 PLN, 2007-2008 A. Kaczmarczyk
11 Ministerial Commissioned Grants "Ageing of the Polish population - medical, psychological, sociological and economic aspects" (PBZ-MEiN-9/2/2006); 12178420 PLN, 2007-2010 M. Mossakowska
12 Ministerial Commissioned Grants "Novel computer programs for homology modelling and fold recognition of RNA" (PBZ/MNiSW/07/2006); 240000 PLN, 2007-2010 M. Boniecki
Ministerial Commissioned Grants coordinated by other institutions
1 Ministerial Commissioned Grants coordinated by other institutions "Role of Hsp90 in regulation of gene expression involved in tumorgenic transformation" (PBZ-KBN-107/P04/2004); 985000 PLN, 2004-2007 M. Żylicz
2 Ministerial Commissioned Grants coordinated by other institutions "Search for diagnostic methods of Alzheimer’s disease and identification of pathogenic mechanisms as potential targets of therapies based on proteomic research in human lymphocytes" (PBZ-KBN-124/P05/2004); 400000 PLN, 2005-2008 U. Wojda
Ministerial Doctoral Grants
1 Ministerial Doctoral Grants "Modelling of the structure and the process of formation of the complex of oligomeric rhodopsin and trimeric G protein" (N30110731/3154); 33200 PLN, 2006-2007 S. Filipek
2 Ministerial Doctoral Grants "Investigation of the structure of arrestin-rhodopsin complex by theoretical methods" (2PO4A06030); 33000 PLN, 2006-2007 S. Filipek
3 Ministerial Doctoral Grants "Sequence-structure-function relationships in apoptotic nuclease DNase II" (N40110731/2409); 30080 PLN, 2006-2007 J. M. Bujnicki
4 Ministerial Doctoral Grants "Evolutionary, structural and functional methyltransferase classification" (N30110532/3599); 49000 PLN, 2007-2009 J. M. Bujnicki
5 Ministerial Doctoral Grants "Modification of the substrate specificity of Bsp6I restriction endonuclease with novel methods of directed evolution" (N30204532/3598); 50020 PLN, 2007-2009 J. M. Bujnicki
6 Ministerial Doctoral Grants "New method to predict both local and global quality of theoretical models of protein structure" (N30110632/3600); 36600 PLN, 2007-2009 J. M. Bujnicki
7 Ministerial Doctoral Grants "MvaI restriction-modification system: different ways to recognize the same DNA sequence" (NN301030634); 31080 PLN, 2008-2009 M. Bochtler
8 Ministerial Doctoral Grants "Structural and biochemical characterization of two restriction enzymes: BcnI recognizing asymmetric DNA and AvaII cutting RNA-DNA hybrids." (NN301028934); 30600 PLN, 2008-2009 M. Bochtler
9 Ministerial Doctoral Grants "Automated creation and implementation of data flow schemes between bioinformatics tools" (N N301 297337); 49680 PLN, 2009-2011 J. M. Bujnicki
10 Ministerial Doctoral Grants "Function of calmyrin 2 in Ca2+-dependent egzocytosis" (N N301 335239); 60000 PLN, 2010-2012 U. Wojda
11 Ministerial Doctoral Grants "Functional analysis of proteins responsible for processing of mRNA 3' termini. Identification of domains and intrinsically disordered regions" (N N301 190139); 37600 PLN, 2010-2012 J. M. Bujnicki
12 Ministerial Doctoral Grants "Searching for Beta-catenin regulators in thalamic neurons" (N N301 191739); 48000 PLN, 2010-2012 K. Misztal
Ministerial Habilitation Grants
1 Ministerial Habilitation Grants "Variation of restriction enzymes sequence specificities by combination of different methods of bioinformatics and protein engineering" (N30110031/3043); 278000 PLN, 2006-2009 K. Skowronek
Ministerial Research and Development Grants
1 Ministerial Research and Development Grants "New tools for analysis and manipulations of nucleic acids: restriction enzymes acting on RNA and DNA-RNA hybrids" (R12 002 02); 1000000 PLN, 2007-2010 J. M. Bujnicki
Foundation for Polish Science’s Subventions
1 Foundation for Polish Science’s Subventions "mTOR kinase and protein sorting by retromer and trans-Golgi network" (5./2014); 300000 PLN, 2015-2017 J. Jaworski
2 Foundation for Polish Science’s Subventions "Functional studies on human and viral methyltransferases involved in RNA cap biosynthesis: from in silico docking and in vitro validation, to RNA methylation inhibition in human cells" (1./2014); 300000 PLN, 2015-2017 J. M. Bujnicki
3 Foundation for Polish Science’s Subventions "Structural studies of Nucleotide Excision Repair complexes" (SUB.5/2013); 100000 PLN, 2014-2016 M. Nowotny

Structural Funds

Smart Growth Operational Programme
1 Smart Growth Operational Programme "FIRST TEAM Programme: Genomics dissection of the heart pacemaker in zebrafish" (First TEAM/2016-1/8); 1999880 PLN, 2017-2019 C. L. Winata
2 Smart Growth Operational Programme "HOMING Programme: Role of ESCRT-I protein complex in amino acid and lipid metabolism in the context of erythropoiesis" (Homing/2016-1/1); 799970 PLN, 2017-2018 J. Cendrowski
1 OP HC "IMPULS-SKILLS: Enzymatic chimeras with bacteriolytic activity" (87/UD/SKILLS/2014); 100000 PLN, 2014-2015 I. Sabała
2 OP HC "IMPULS-SKILLS: Commercialization of the 'eRNases' technology - development of restriction enzymes for RNA" (41/UD/SKILLS/2014); 120000 PLN, 2014-2015 J. M. Bujnicki
3 OP HC "ENGAGE-SKILLS: Gene Hackers" (38/UD/SKILLS/2014); 43750 PLN, 2014-2015 A. Olchowik
4 OP HC "IMPULS-SKILLS: Lead optimisation of novel antiviral drugs: influenza virus nuclease inhibitors" (25/UD/SKILLS/2014); 80000 PLN, 2014-2015 K. H. Kamińska
5 OP HC "Support for bio tech med. scientists in technology transfer" (UDA-POKL.08.02.01-14-041/09-00); 2586221 PLN, 2010-2013 M. Powierża
1 OP IE "POMOST Programme: Role of S6-kinase interaction with µ-adaptin in clathrin-mediated endocytosis and its implications for pathology of tuberous sclerosis" (POMOST/2013-7/10); 210000 PLN, 2013-2015 A. Malik
2 OP IE "POMOST Programme: The role of the TET proteins in zebrafish" (POMOST/2013-7/4); 280000 PLN, 2013-2015 A. Kolano
3 OP IE "POMOST Programme:Huntingtin-associated Protein 1 Induces Store-Operated Calcium Entry by Activating IP3 Receptor Channels in Huntington’s Disease" (POMOST/2013-8/4); 268333 PLN, 2014-2015 M. Czeredys
4 OP IE "HOMING PLUS Programme:Structural and Functional Characterization of Photosystem II from Nicotiana tabacum" (HOMING PLUS/2012-6/10); 326000 PLN, 2013-2015 D. Piano
5 OP IE "HOMING PLUS Programme: Modeling tuberous sclrosis with induced pluripotent steam cells" (HOMING PLUS/2012-5/6); 302000 PLN, 2013-2014 E. Liszewska
6 OP IE "HOMING Programme:Post-translational modifications and nuclear functions of endosomal APPL proteins" (HOM/ed2007/126); 120000 PLN, 2007-2010 I. Pilecka
7 OP IE "POMOST Programme: Functional characterization of the interactions between endosomal adaptor proteins APPL and Dvl proteins in the Wnt signaling pathway" (POMOST/2010-1/1); 420000 PLN, 2010-2013 M. Banach-Orłowska
8 OP IE "POMOST Programme: Characterization of selected endocytic proteins as novel regulators of AP-1 mediated transcription" (POMOST/2011-3/11); 430000 PLN, 2012-2014 E. Szymańska
9 OP IE "Centre of Pre-clinical Research and Technology (CePT)" (POIG.02.02.00-14-024/08-00); 14625545 PLN, 2008-2013 J. Kuźnicki
10 OP IE "Biocentrum Ochota - IT infrastructure for development of strategic directions of the biology and medicine" (POIG.02.03.00-00-003/09); 4834300 PLN, 2009-2013 S. Filipek
11 OP IE "Biocentrum Ochota - IT infrastructure for development of strategic directions of the biology and medicine" (POIG.02.03.00-00-003/09); 4834300 PLN, 2009-2013 J. M. Bujnicki
12 OP IE "WELCOME Programme: Biogenesis and turnover of mitochondria intermembrane space proteins" (WELCOME/2009/1); 5940670 PLN, 2009-2014 A. Chacińska
13 OP IE "MPD Programme: PhD programme in Molecular Biology: Studies of nucleic acids and proteins - from basic to applied research" (MPD/2009-3/2); 2265421 PLN, 2010-2015 M. Witt
14 OP IE "TEAM Programme: Modeling of RNA and protein-RNA complexes: from sequence to structure to function" (TEAM/2009-4/2); 2200000 PLN, 2010-2014 J. M. Bujnicki
15 OP IE "Molecular Chaperones in cancer cells" (FNP-15/2000); 225000 PLN, 2000-2002 M. Żylicz
16 OP IE "Structural biology of methylation and hydroxymethylation" (TEAM/2010-6/1); 2023940 PLN, 2011-2015 M. Bochtler