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The project is targeted at continuation and expansion of activities initiated as the FP5 Centre of Excellence in Molecular Bio-Medicine (CEMBM). In the past as the Centre of Excellence we developed an advanced methodology of analysis of complex protein structures with the use of cell and molecular biology techniques, biochemical methods, crystallographic analysis and computer modelling. Our goal is to become a top protein studies Centre in the region by unlocking the potential of all our research groups. This will be achieved mainly by twinning each of the Institute's groups with European groups leading in the field (first objective), through joint research activities, organization of workshops and conferences and participation in consortia within FP7.

We plan to create the place for experienced scientist to conduct research at the highest level (second objective), and for junior scientists to obtain the best possible mentoring and a degree based on the top-flight theses. We also intend to reach an ultimate critical mass by completing the organisation of IIMCB's structure (third objective). We aspire to be more innovative towards applications in medicine and biotechnology (fourth objective). In parallel, we will popularize science and raise social awareness of the benefits of modern biology and biotechnology (fifth objective). We will leverage the activities of the existing professional popularization science unit and use the available electronic media to disseminate knowledge on protein research. Ultimately, a reinforced S&T potential of our research groups will allow us to become more visible and attractive as a collaborating partner in the European Research Area, for both academia and industry.