Crystallographic Hotels 4 and 18C


Crystallographic Hotels 4 and 18C







Responsible person

Roman Szczepanowski, ext. 749


Equipment purchased from CePT funds.

Protein crystallization labs typically deal with hundreds to thousands of plates at any given time. Minstrel imagers automatically generate inspections at specified intervals. In order to do so, they are coupled with Gallery plate hotels or incubators that act as plate management systems. The Galleries not only take care of plate storage, they are also responsible for delivering the plates to the imaging system. The high throughput version, the Gallery HT, is equipped with temperature control between 4°C and 30°C. Each Minstrel HT imager can be combined with two Gallery HTs, which means that 1,380 plates incubated at two independent temperatures can be monitored by a single Minstrel HT imager. To fully protect your valuable experiments, the Gallery HT is equipped with two completely independent cooling systems together with software that monitors the operational state of both systems.