Surface plasmon resonance (SPR)


Surface plasmon resonance (SPR)







Responsible person

Krzysztof Skowronek


The high-sensitivity Biacore S200  delivers reliable affinity, kinetics, or fragment-screening data from a 384-wellmicroplate in a single day, thereby supporting the need forrapid, conclusive results. With a combination of exceptional sensitivity and productivity, Biacore S200 raises the standard for SPR systems in fragment screening and lead optimization.
•  Exceptional sensitivity that facilitates work with difficult
targets where response levels are low
• 384 single-concentration fragment binding data in less than 16h
• Competition assays for validation of binders and forbinding-site mapping
• Affinity and kinetics determinations with exceptionalquality for confident lead optimization.
The system is designed to reduce run time and time to results. By utilizing the single-concentration Binding Level Screen,
you will identify binders out of a 384-well microplate within 16 h and prioritize them based on their binding behavior. Subsequent Affinity Screen of the most interesting binders will give conclusive results within two days, from start to finish.