PRO Biostructures

Co-founder, Chief Scientific Officer
Marcin Nowotny, PhD DSc Habil

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer
Paweł Kustosz, MSc

Chief Operating Officer
Elżbieta Nowak, PhD

Agnieszka Napiórkowska, MSc
Aneta Bartłomiejczak, MSc

Iwona Ptasiewicz (part-time)


     PRO Biostructures, IIMCB Structural Biology Center is a dedicated commercial laboratory with mission to use the scientific excellence of IIMCB scientists to support drug discovery for treatment of diseases. PRO Biostructures is specializing in consulting and providing services in structural biology using X-ray crystallography. Offer contains a complete range of protein crystallography research called „gene to structure”, that can be divided into three phases which can be ordered separately:
1. Preparation of expression constructs;
2. Recombinant protein production in bacteria (E. coli), yeast, insect and mammalian cells;
3. Bio-crystallography of protein or protein ligand complexes.

     The laboratory has experience in 3D structure determination of protein-ligand complexes in structure-based drug design. It cooperates closely with various pharmaceutical companies such as Adamed and OncoArendi Therapeutics (as a commercial services provider or partner in NCBiR grants). During one and a half years of its operations, the PRO Biostructures team solved 14 protein – inhibitor structures. The results supported drug discovery efforts for diseases such as cancer, asthma or idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

     The success of PRO Biostructures results from very high levels of expertise in science, advanced skills, and the excellent quality of services rendered. It offers an extensive experience in biomedicine research of the top scientists with significant scientific output (publications in journals such as Cell, Molecular Cell, Nature Structural & Molecular Biology), recipients of prestigious research grants. The team follows the most modern approaches in structural biology capitalizing on their unique knowledge of most advanced research methods that need to be applied when developing nucleic acid drug discovery projects.

     The PRO Biostructures enterprise has entered the international science services market by actively promoting its operations through biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry conferences and events, such as BioEurope, BioEurope Spring, BioForum or Euromed. Currently, the lab is also present in the Enterprise Europe Network. Its competitive advantage is being built on the premises of top-quality research expertise, while at the same time it responds to the needs of business clients in state-of-the art, flexible and custom-made projects, and takes care of the Intellectual Property requirements of clients in each project.

In the initial stage of its operations, until the end of 2016, the activities of PRO Biostructures were partly supported by IIMCB and the IIMCB Restructure Grant form the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
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