WiSS 2021 Workshops

How to be an effective team member? How to manage diverse teams effectively, so we achieve our top performance? How to deal with conflicts in teams?

dr hab Natasza Kosakowska-Berezecka, prof. UG

The goal of the workshop webinar is to equip participants with practical knowledge on how to enhance diversity within teams and how to manage it if one is a team member or leader/PI of a group. Diversity can be related to personality differences, different working styles but also is a direct result of gender, age, and cultural diversity, etc. Innovative teams are the ones that are built on diversity. Nevertheless, there are certain conditions that allow team members to work together in synergy and achieve top performance. During our course, we will thus, together with participants, analyse their strengths and potential in effective team building and team management and apply best practices in diversity team management to their cases/future plans/careers. The themes discussed during the workshop can be used within:

  • Building effective teamwork while conducting research

  • Fostering interpersonal relations with academics

  • Planning your academic career

  • Managing teamwork while dealing with intercultural/gender differences

Seven steps to building rapport and engineer your presentation skills in the times of corona.

dr Magdalena Żadkowska

The training will focus on basic and advanced presentation skills and techniques: how to effectively manage "oneself and the content" during the online presentations/workshops etc. During the workshop webinar we will focus on hints on how to master one’s self-presentation skill, with a special focus on online meetings, the main themes:

  • Getting to know one's (self)presentation strengths and determining the potential for development

  • Getting acquainted with the tools for building a structure and content of an effective presentation.

  • Getting to know different techniques of building the right impression, attracting attention, and influencing others during the presentation.

  • Creating a set of good practices for dealing with "difficult" participants of the presentation

  • Managing stress during presentations

  • How to appeal to diverse audiences?