Our mission is clear and ambitious: to search deeply and extensively for answers and solutions to the key questions of modern biomedicine. Our primary focus is in the field of basic research, but we are also active in the area of applied biotechnology. We put special emphasis on research that may bring us closer to providing cures for serious diseases that have become an important challenge for the world’s populations and health care systems, such as cancer and neurological disorders.

Scientific excellence:

Our goal is to attain the highest quality in scientific research in the fascinating and complex field of life sciences, with special emphasis on molecular and cellular biology. We design, develop and deliver advanced and unique research tools: equipment, experimental models and knowledge of advanced research methods and technologies. We nurture the talents of young researchers by supporting their creative attitudes in order to build a foundation for innovative thinking. We provide the know-how, share experiences and work with people to foster in them the essential qualities of a true academic researcher, such as integrity, independence in the choice of research subjects and goals, and accountability for choices made. Research into directions in line with the most pertinent needs of society is particularly welcome.


We create a community and partnerships with leading research centers within and outside the country. Together we carry out ambitious research projects and scientific initiatives. We commercialize results that have such potential and work with industry to perpetuate this trend. We provide biotechnological solutions which can be used on a large scale, both with regard to the global economy and to global research services deals.

Research practices:

We follow timeless values and good research practices such as freedom of scientific thinking, honesty, integrity, openness and innovation, as well as mutual respect and tolerance. This allows thoughts and beliefs to be expressed while respecting the general rules of ethics and professional conduct.


We are proud to pursue very modern organizational patterns, which are tried and tested in the best research centers across the world. This includes areas such as administration, management of finances and resources, sharing space and equipment, grant writing and grant management procedures, etc.

Dissemination of knowledge:

We publish the findings of our research in leading specialized journals and promote unrestricted access to them through support for “open access” publications. We organize workshops, training courses, conferences and other scientific events for researchers of various specialties and nationalities. We consider making science accessible to a wider public as essential to stimulating positive public attitudes towards science. We support educational activities aiming to promote modern biology through the organization of public workshops, seminars, presentations and lectures for students and teachers.