We support ambitious scientists of any nationality, driven by passion to pursue frontier research that aims to make a difference for society. We follow the principles of scientific freedom, integrity, and responsibility. We help researchers develop their careers through training and mentoring at all levels, and we encourage collaborations among them. We provide efficient administrative support that enables scientists to focus on their research.

Goals of IIMCB defined in three main areas:

Scientific quality

  • Make important scientific discoveries and report them in high-quality publications

  • Strive for scientific excellence in our research, rather than simply collecting points in the parametric evaluation of Polish research institutions

  • Be internationally recognized among the best research institutions in Europe

Institutional development and partnerships

  • Obtain a larger building and reach a critical mass of ~20 research groups with complementary expertise, supported by professional state-of-the-art core facilities

  • Increase internal synergies between research groups

  • Build strong national and international networks of academic and industrial partners for intellectual exchange, collaboration, and training

  • Improve the visibility of IIMCB, also through enhanced activity in social media

Organizational culture

  • Give every staff member a sense of common mission and shared responsibility

  • Ensure transparent internal regulations, including the principles of the equal treatment of all coworkers and stipulations of the HR Excellence in Research Award

  • Support the career development of all coworkers

  • Provide a clear institutional structure, effective internal procedures, and the division of duties

  • Lessen administrative duties for scientists

  • Support collegiality at all levels of the Institute

  • Foster a professional and friendly work atmosphere and effective internal communication among all staff members

  • Care for the common property and areas of the Institute

  • Adjust the organization and management of the Institute according to its growth and emerging needs