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IIMCB ( is the top-ranked Polish research institute in the field of biology.The institute provides cutting-edge equipment and facilities, including a zebrafish facility, anewly acquired Illumina Nextseq500, and strong bioinformatics cluster. IIMCB is committedto provide a supportive work environment. The project is at the intersection of the Laboratoryof Zebrafish Developmental Genomics and the Laboratory of Mitochondrial Biogenesis led byCecilia Winata and Agnieszka Chacinska.

We are looking for a bioinformatics specialist, preferentially at the post-doctoral level, to joinan exciting inter-disciplinary study focused on biogenesis and cross-talk of cellular organelles.Our long-term interests cover the topics such as localized translation on the surface ofmitochondria, transcriptional and translational responses to defective mitochondria andmitochondria-dependent changes in cellular and organellar proteomes. Our projects employstate of the art CRISPR gene editing technology, RNA-seq, and proteomics (based on externalcollaborations with proteomic centers).

The successful candidate will be in charge of establishing a bioinformatics pipeline for the studyof mitochondrial biogenesis and cross-talk. Our long-term goal is an integrative analysis towork out molecular pathways governing organellar cross-talk by combining transcriptomicswith proteomics data generated in our labs, as well as publicly available metadata.

The ideal candidate should be well versed in bioinformatics, particularly in the analysis of NGSdata. Solid understanding of probability and statistics, as well as experience in programming(especially R or Python) are essential. Candidates with background in mathematics or computerscience who are interested in working with cutting edge technology to study cellular processesin exciting model systems are highly welcome. The candidate must possess goodcommunication skills as close interaction with other team members is required. We especiallyinvite the candidates, who are interested and capable to build their research program based oncompetitive funds offered by the FNP and NCN.

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