The Science Festival at IIMCB

On September 26, 2017, IIMCB organized two “Be Healthy as a Fish” workshops as a festival lessons at 21st edition of the Science Festival in Warsaw.

The objective of the IIMCB educational program is to teach children basic knowledge about the life of fish and about possibilities of their use in studies on certain human diseases. We would like to introduce children to modern science in a friendly way. We will focus on the field of biology in a way that complements the children’s classroom curriculum and that encourages them to broaden their biology interests in the future.

The Science Festival is a scientific event held each year in September in Warsaw. The main objective of the Festival is to popularize the understanding of methods, scope of possibilities and achievements of science in the society, present its role in the development of a strong economy and its significance for the development of a better, knowledge-based society.