National Science Centre grants for IIMCB scientists

Prof. Janusz M. Bujnicki, Dr. Marcin Nowotny and Dr. Joanna Gruszczyńska-Biegała are laureates of National Science Centre (NCN) competitions.

Our laureates and their projects:
Janusz Bujnicki, Head of the Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Protein Engineering received funding for the project “Integrative modeling and structure determination of macromolecular complexes comprising RNA and proteins”, 3 500 000 PLN, MAESTRO

Marcin Nowotny, Head of the Laboratory of Protein Structure was awarded for the project “Structural and mechanistic studies of bacterial DNA repair”, 4 228 500 PLN, MAESTRO

Joanna Gruszczyńska-Biegała, Laboratory of Neurodegeneration received funding for the project “STIM proteins as new regulators of NMDA receptor trafficking in neuron”, 1 999  191 PLN, SONATA BIS