IIMCB PhD Students Retreat

PhD Students Retreat, organized by IIMCB PhD students and staff members, was held on September 26-28, 2019 in Sromowce Wyżne. In total 43 students attended this meeting. The first-year students had an opportunity to introduce themselves and their work to the PhD community. The other students presented results obtained in the last academic year. The whole meeting was a great opportunity to share knowledge, ideas and establish new friendships.

Thanks to the MOSaIC project lectures were followed by the training on scientific writing conducted by Mark Hunt, PhD.

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Best talk winners:

1st prize: Jan Węsławski, Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology

Screen For Kinesins Critical In mTOR-dependent Neuronal Development


2nd prize: Sebastian Chamera, Laboratory of Protein Structure

Structural basis of transposable elements silencing by the KRAB-KAP1 system


Organizing committee: Karim Abu Nahia, Agnieszka Faliszewska, Daria Goś, Gabriela Jędruszewska, Maciej Łapiński, Katarzyna Marszałek, Maciej Migdał


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