NCN funds for IIMCB scientists: Marcin Nowotny, Magdalena Czeredys, Andrzej Dziembowski

Dr. Magdalena Czeredys, Prof. Andrzej Dziembowski and Prof. Marcin Nowotny are laureates of the 17th edition of the OPUS scheme finances by the National Science Centre (NCN).

Our laureates and their projects:

Dr. Magdalena Czeredys, Laboratory of Neurodegeneration received funding for the project Linking abnormal Ca2+ signaling and the unfolded protein response with Huntington’s disease pathology in both YAC128 mouse model and iPSC-derived neurons from HD patients,      1 857 550 PLN, OPUS NZ3 science panel

Prof. Andrzej Dziembowski, Head of the Laboratory of RNA Biology received funds to conduct research under the project Analysis of the role of cytoplasmic polyadenylation in the regulation of the innate immune response, 2 324 800 PLN, OPUS NZ2 science panel

Prof. Marcin Nowotny, Head of the Laboratory of Protein Structure was awarded for the project Mechanism of RNA ligation in maturation of transfer RNAs, 1 985 200 PLN, OPUS NZ1 science panel

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