Anton Slyvka among the laureates of the START 2020 programme

We are happy to inform you that Anton Slyvka, a PhD student at the Laboratory of Structural Biology at the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw, was among the outstanding group of 100 most talented Polish scientists before thirty! Anton Slyvka was selected from over 800 candidates and will receive a scholarship of PLN 28 thousand, which is a proof of recognition of his achievements to date. Scholarship can be spent for any purpose.

“Start” programme is organized by the Foundation for Polish Science. It is Poland’s largest scholarship programme for the best young scientists representing all fields of science. It is directed to young researchers, at the outset of their career, who have already achieved some success in their field. The stipends serve as recognition of the scientific attainments so far by these young scholars and as an incentive for further growth by enabling them to devote themselves fully to their research.


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