Structural biology for trans-natonal research and discovery

iNEXT-Discovery aims to enable access to structural biology research infrastructures for all European researchers, and especially non-experts in structural biology. For that reason, it brings together a diversity of large research facilities and other groups in a single consortium. Funded by the European Commission Horizon-2020 framework program, iNEXT-Discovery is built in three pillars:

  1. Allowing trans-national access for users, based on rapid peer-review on scientific excellence and translational research potential;

  2. Performing networking and training activities, such as practical courses and workshops, to enlarge and strengthen the structural biology community;

  3. Undertaking joint research activities, to increase the quality and quantity of the offered access.

We encourage all academic and industry researchers to use our high-end structural biology facilities at different locations in Europe, to perform translational research relevant for the sectors of health (e.g. drug discovery, target validation), biotechnology (e.g. new enzymes), biomaterials, and food science.

iNEXT-Discovery and the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology

As a leading structural biology center, which is highly integrated within its national and regional structural biology communities, the IIMCB is a partner for Poland and serves as a regional hub to disseminate the information about iNEXT-Discovery. The role of this partnership is to strengthen the interactions between the iNEXT- Discovery partners and the developing regional communities ensuring strong networking.

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