NCN funds for IIMCB scientists: Cecilia Lanny Winata and Monika Kusio-Kobiałka

Dr. Cecilia Lanny Winata, Head of the Laboratory of Zebrafish Developmental Genomics has received funding under the OPUS 18 scheme (NZ2 science panel). Dr. Cecilia Lanny Winata has been awarded the grant of 2 631 552 PLN for the project entitled “Reconstructing cardiovascular cell lineage evolution, one cell at a time”.

Dr. Monika Kusio-Kobiałka, Laboratory of RNA Biology has been awarded the NCN grant under the SONATA 15 scheme (NZ3 science panel) for the project entitled "Elucidating the role of TENT5C-mediated polyadenylation in erythropoiesis". Dr. Kusio-Kobiałak will receive 1 482 000 PLN.

More: Nearly 668 million PLN for basic research under OPUS 18, PRELUDIUM 18, SONATA 15 and PRELUDIUM BIS

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