Dr hab. Gracjan Michlewski among the laureates of Polish Returns Programme

Dr hab. Gracjan Michlewski, IIMCB’s future Head of Dioscuri Centre for RNA - Protein Interactions in Human Health and Disease, became the laureate of the Polish Returns programme of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA). He was first on the list among the 13 laureates of this competition. The awarded grant will support Dr Michlewski in the establishment of his group at IIMCB and allow him to develop a research project within the grant’s dedicated component funded by NCN. The total amount of the Polish Return grant for Dr Michlewski for four years is 2 070 000 PLN.

The aim of the Programme is to allow prominent Polish scientists to return to their country and take up employment in Polish higher education institutions, scientific units or research institutes.

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