Spotlight Talks - new, 15 minutes-long, science meetings at the IIMCB

The "Spotlight Talks" meetings are science-based regardless of the field or discipline. The idea is to present projects in an easy way for other people. It's important to increase personal overview of science done in other fields & disciplines and also to learn about cutting-edge tools. There is also a need to connect people holding a plethora of distinct expertise for potentially solving complex scientific challenges in the future.

The talks are usually 15-minutes-long (can be also a bit shorter or longer), followed by discussions, which can be from 10 minutes to more than one hour, depending on the number, length of questions and answers. The speakers are mostly postdocs and senior researchers working in life sciences. 

The "Spotlight Talks" is an initiative jointly organized by the IIMCB postdoc representatives Anna Hojka-Osińska & Andrii Kopach and the IIMCB alumni Anna Bajur (currently affiliated with the King’s College London). This initiative is open – everyone interested to make a contribution for its development is welcome to join us!

The nearest meeting, titled "Stem Cells Meet Robotics. A robot to study the cell biology of brain development and evolution" with Elena Taverna will take place on the 3th of February at 3 pm (CET). To connect to the seminar (via Zoom), please click on the link below:
Meeting ID: 871 8265 0921
Passcode: 427094

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