Zebrafish - recent advances


We encourage you to read new article collections: “FishMed - recent advances in zebrafish developmental and biomedical research in Poland and beyond” issuded by the Developmental Biology. The series contains 9 articles edited by Cecilia Winata, Przemko Tylzanowski and Jacek Topczewski and the authors include IIMCB’s specialists and scientists.

  1. History of zebrafish research in Poland
  2. The zebrafish as a model for developmental and biomedical research in Poland and beyond
  3. “Be Healthy as a Fish” educational program – Presenting how zebrafish can improve our understanding of human diseases
  4. Zebrafish embryogenesis – A framework to study regulatory RNA elements in development and disease
  5. Development of the brain vasculature and the blood-brain barrier in zebrafish
  6. Zebrafish and medaka as models for biomedical research of bone diseases
  7. Synchronized tissue-scale vasculogenesis and ubiquitous lateral sprouting underlie the unique architecture of the choriocapillaris
  8. Automated in vivo screen in zebrafish identifies Clotrimazole as targeting a metabolic vulnerability in a melanoma model
  9. Pharmacological restoration of visual function in a zebrafish model of von-Hippel Lindau disease

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