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   CSHL Programmed Cell Death Meeting, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA, 2003: Role of NMDA receptor in anti-apoptotic activation of ERK1/2 by Cisplatin. Agata Gozdz, Agata Habas, Jacek Jaworski, Magdalena Zielinska, Jan Albrecht, Marcin Chlystun, Michal Hetman
   Neuroscience, New Orleans, LA, USA, 2003: Role of Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3beta in NMDA-mediated regulation on neuronal survival. Agata Habas and Michal Hetman
   Biennal Meeting of European Society for Neurochemistry, Warsaw, Poland 2003 NMDA receptors mediate protective activation of Extracellular Signal Regulated Kinase1/2 A. Gozdz, A. Habas, M. Zielinska, J. Albrecht, M. Hetman.

Research Accomplishments

The research of the laboratory remained focused on the signaling pathways that regulate neuronal apoptosis. We have further explored the mechanisms of the antiapoptotic activation of ERK1/2 in primary cortical neurons that were challenged with a genotoxic agent, cisplatin. We documented that the activation is through the sensitization of NMDA receptor. The NMDA receptors, in turn, appear to be regulated by PARP activity. In addition, we initiated studies on the mechanisms of cAMP-mediated support of neuronal survival after exposure to DNA damage. We also continued research on the role of Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 beta (GSK3beta) in excitotoxicity. It appears that stimulation of NMDA receptors activates GSK3beta. However this event does not seem to be important for excitotoxicity. Instead, it may be involved in the physiological signaling via NMDA receptors. Our results were published in two papers and were presented at several meetings. The presentation by M. Hetman on ERK1/2 role in neuronal response to cisplatin was selected for a Young Investigator Award at the Biennal Meeting of European Society of Neurochemistry, Warsaw, Poland, June 2003
(activity discontinued since the end of 2002)

Michal Hetman, MD, PhD

PhD students:
Agata Gozdz, MSc
Agata Habas, MSc
Ahmad Noor Jalili, MD
Agata Klejman, MSc