Laboratory of Bioinformatics

Projects involved:
- "Rational Engineering of the metabolism of fatty acids in FLAX (REFLAX) to produce branched chain fatty acids, with potent bio-lubricant properties". This project was financed by the 5th Framework Programme and by the Polish Committee for Scientific Research.

- "Engineering of DNA Methyltransferases" was a project in collaboration with Dr. M. Radlinska (P.I.) and Dr. A. Piekarowicz (co-P.I.) from the Institute of Microbiology, Warsaw University and L. Rychlewski (co-P.I.) from IIMCB aimed to investigate and characterize the nature of the specificity of recognition of DNA by proteins form the methyltransferase family.

(activity discontinued since the end of 2001)

Leszek Rychlewski, MD, PhD