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Wysocka A, Jagielska E, Łężniak Ł, Sabała I.

Two New M23 Peptidoglycan Hydrolases With Distinct Net Charge.

Front Microbiol.

Małecki PH, Mitkowski P, Jagielska E, Trochimiak K, Mesnage S, Sabała I.

Structural Characterization of EnpAD,L-Endopeptidase from Enterococcus faecalis Prophage Provides Insights into Substrate Specificity of M23Peptidases.

Urbanek O, Wysocka A, Nakielski P, Pierini F, Jagielska E, Sabała I.

Staphylococcus aureus Specific Electrospun Wound Dressings: Influence of Immobilization Technique on Antibacterial Efficiency of Novel Enzybiotic.



Gonzalez-Delgado LS, Walters-Morgan H, Salamaga B, Robertson AJ, Hounslow AM, Jagielska E, Sabała I, Williamson MP, Lovering AL, Mesnage S.

Two-site recognition of Staphylococcus aureus peptidoglycan by lysostaphin SH3b.

Nat Chem Biol.


Mitkowski P, Jagielska E, Nowak E, Bujnicki JM, Stefaniak F, Niedziałek D, Bochtler M, Sabała I.

Structural bases of peptidoglycan recognition by lysostaphin SH3b domain.

Sci Rep.


Jagielska E, Chojnacka O, Sabala I

LytM Fusion with SH3b-Like Domain Expands Its Activity to Physiological Conditions

Microb Drug Resist


Grabowska M, Jagielska E, Czapinska H, Bochtler M, Sabala I

High resolution structure of an M23 peptidase with a substrate analogue

Sci Rep


Sabala I, Jagielska E, Bardelang PT, Czapinska H, Dahms SO, Sharpe JA, James R, Than ME, Thomas NR, Bochtler M

Crystal structure of the antimicrobial peptidase lysostaphin from Staphylococcus simulans