International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology received grants to support technology transfer in BioCentrum Ochota consortium. The grants are sponsored by Operational Program – Human Capital and the programme of the Minister of Science and Higher Education – Kreator Innowacyjności.

European Social Fund, Operational Program – Human Capital

“Support for bio tech med scientists in technology transfer”;


Budget: 2 586 000 PLN

Duration of the project: April 2010 – October 2014

Activities within the project for BioCentrum Ochota consortium:

    - 12 research stipends for innovative projects for PhD students working in BioCentrum Ochota institutes

    - 12 two-month placements for BioCentrum Ochota scientists

    - 150 of training courses on issues such as: R&D project management, raising a company, commercialization of R&D results, IPR, negotiations in business

    - Meetings and a conference promoting tech transfer and giving an opportunity to launch science-industry cooperation.



Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Kreator Innowacyjności , creation of Technology Transfer Office for BioCentrum Ochota, (PMKI/W/30-06.09)

Budget: 422 990 PLN

Duration of the project: September 2010 – March 2013

Partner – Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology

Activities within the project for BioCentrum Ochota consortium:

    - Increasing the number of patentable inventions (identifying applicable projects and assisting in their commercialization),

    - Awareness raising in BioCentrum Ochota scientists of IPR and R&D commercialization (12 training courses on IPR and commercialization),

    - Promoting intellectual and infrastructural potential of BioCentrum Ochota institutes,

    - Enhancing science – industry cooperation in bio-tech –med fields.


Current news:

Contact: Magdalena Powierża

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