Biotech Innovations

Mission of Biotech Innovations Ltd
     BioTech-IP evolved gradually, and a need arose to transfer the most advanced projects to an external entity, thus allowing further development in the economic environment. Patent applications and patents were transferred in kind to Biotech Innovations Ltd, a special-purpose vehicle that is funded by IIMCB.
     Biotech Innovations is committed to turning scientific progress into marketable products and technologies and returning income to the inventors and IIMCB to support further research.

     Our work begins with disclosures of inventions of IIMCB scientists. We review an invention together with the inventors to learn about potential applications. We evaluate these disclosures for their commercial potential and decide whether to patent the invention. We then define value propositions for industrial licensees. Together with the inventors, we look for companies that might be interested in the invention. In 2016, we successfully closed licensing agreements for the application of the patented LytM enzyme for the disinfection of surfaces. The patent protection of LytM (Auresin inventors: Dr. Izabela Sabała and Prof. Matthias Bochtler) has been extended to Canada, Japan, and the United States, thus increasing the chances of further successful commercialization in other areas.

Setting up spin-off companies
     Scientists may wish to stay actively involved in the further development of their invention and seek to set up a spin-off company. One example is the newly funded company Futurenzymes Ltd, which commercializes inventions that result from ERC and ERC PoC grants that have been awarded to Prof. Janusz Bujnicki. The company focuses on creating new molecular tools for RNA modifications. The first product is being designed to fill the missing gap in RNA research and allow the sequence-specific cutting of RNA.

Distribution of royalties
     If the inventions are successfully licensed, then cash royalties that are collected by Biotech Innovations provide funding for the inventors’ departments and personal shares for the inventors themselves. The rules for royalties sharing were updated in 2016 and are described in “IP Policy for management and use of intellectual property of IIMCB”.

Other activities
     We also arrange industry-sponsored research projects and engage in the development of projects outside of IIMCB. We support researchers in formulating value propositions for their discoveries and provide consultancy services to technology-oriented investors.
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