Assistant Professor in Sociology Institute at the University of Gdansk, Principle Investigator, Academic Teacher, Expert focused on women and men carriers in STEM, diversity management, intimate relations, and gender studies.

She conducts training on Diversity Management, Intercultural Communication, Age Management, Work-Life-Balance & Male and Female Leadership Principal Investigator and member of projects of international projects. Cooperates in international research projects with Norway, USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Romania, Chile, and France. Expert in gender relations and status quo for (1) Community of Practice (On the Way to Gender Equality – Community of Practice for Gender Equality in Central and Eastern Europe) of Act Project under grant agreement No 788 204 (introducing Memorandum of Understanding for establishing Communities of PrACTice for advancing gender equality in RPOs and RFOs across Europe for at UG), (2) Gender Academy European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 824585, (3) National Researcher for Gender-Sensitive Parliaments – EU 28 assessment, (4) National Researcher for COVID & Domestic Violence – EU 28 assessment.

As a diverse expert, she also co-authored the Integrative Model for Migrants for the City of Gdańsk. She is media expert for Gazeta Wyborcza, TVN, Radio Gdańsk, TVP Gdańsk.