Biacore 3000 is the highest performance research system available for label free studies of biomolecular binding. Samples ranging from small molecules to crude extracts, lipid vesicles, viruses, bacteria and eucaryotic cells can be studied. Biacore 3000 answers questions about the speed, strength and specificity of binding and determines the active concentrations of components. Technical innovations meet the highest demands for sensitivity, efficiency and flexibility.With new wizard driven and automated recovery functions including the novel Surface Prep unit for increased capacity recovery, Biacore 3000 is an ideal tool for functional proteomics. Increased integration with mass spectrometry characterization is provided by the enhanced recovery and ability to directly deliver sample to a MALDI target as well as delivery of digestion enzymes and MALDI matrix, all within the autosampler of the system. The knowledge and experience of Biacore has been incorporated into Wizards which guide the user without effort through preparation, experimentation and evaluation. Biacore Wizards provide a trend analysis and preliminary results at the end of runs. Conditional IF/THEN statements ensure that Biacore 3000 responds correctly to changes in run conditions.
The most advanced software available enables detailed evaluation of results. Biacore 3000 is designed for individual sample characterization where the highest resolution in kinetic analysis is essential and for automation of multi-sample analyses. From: Biacore 3000 Product Information Sheet. Contact: Krzysztof Skowronek, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.