The Dioscuri Office at Max Planck Society (MPG) organised a workshop for the leaders of the five Polish Dioscuri Centres (DCs), including IIMCB-based Dioscuri Centre for RNA-Protein Interactions in Human Health and Disease led by Prof. Gracjan Michlewski, as well as the newly selected DC leaders at the MPG’s Administrative Headquarters in Munich.

The goal of this workshop was to welcome the DC leaders to the Max Planck community, to provide them with helpful tools for the establishment and management of their groups and to facilitate knowledge sharing amongst the DC leaders, as well as between them and Group Leaders at a Munich-based Max Planck Institute. The workshop covered various topics with relevance to the DC’s development, such as funding, leadership, recruiting, networking and training of young researchers. The DC leaders met with MPG President Prof. Martin Stratmann to discuss the progress of their Dioscuri Centres and the general development of the program. The participants also visited Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry (MPI) and exchanged ideas with the MPI director Prof. Matthias Mann as well as multiple ERC grant holder and Max Planck Research Group Leader Prof. Ralf Jungmann. The workshop was closed with a dinner with  MPG researchers, which provided opportunity for further scientific exchange and networking.

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