Head: Izabela Sabała, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow: Elżbieta Jagielska, PhD

Research Assistant: Paweł Mitkowski, MSc


Auresine project develops commercial applications for a patented enzyme, Aurezyna (Auresine) that has potent bacteriolytic activity. Aurezyna can be used in diagnostic tests, as a food bioprotectant, to decontaminate various surfaces in industry and hospitals, and as a component of hygiene products for animals and humans. Our basic research focuses on the further structural and biochemical characterization of the protein to broaden our knowledge on the regulation of activity and determination of enzyme specificity and provide a scientific basis for structure-designed enzyme engineering.


Main achievements in 2016:

1. The patent, “Method of peptide hydrolysis, peptidase, the composition for use as a bacteriostatic and bactericidal agent, a kit and the uses of the active form of LytM from S. aureus or derivatives thereof” was granted in the United States, Canada, and Japan. 

2. We successfully completed the project, “Biotechnological applications of bacteriolytic protein (Aurezyna)”, financed by the National Center for Research and Development under the Applied Research Program.

3. The results of our research have been published: Jagielska E, Chojnacka O, Sabała I. LytM fusion with SH3b-like domain expands its activity to physiological conditions. Microb Drug Resist 2016 Sep;22(6):461-9 doi: 10.1089.

4. Our research has been presented at prestigious international meetings, including the Gordon Conference and the 1st International Symposium on Antimicrobial Hydrolytic Enzymes at Rockefeller University in the United States.

5. We have continued our collaboration with our business partner to test the implementation of Aurezyna in industry.

6. We signed a second patent license for our enzyme.

7. The Aurezyna team was selected for the first edition of the acceleration program that is organized by MIT Enterprise Forum Poland.

8. Izabela Sabała, Elżbieta Jagielska, and Matthias Bochtler were awarded the Silver Medal for “Aurezyna: new way to combat staphylococcus” and were honored with a special prize from the National University of Science and Technology at the 68th International Trade Fair “Ideas - Inventions - New Products” at iENA 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany.

9. Izabela Sabała received an award from the Women of Science Foundation in the VI edition of “Innovation Is a Woman” competition for biotechnological applications of Aurezyna and was a finalist for the Darboven Idee Grant.

10. We continue to develop our network of internal and external collaborations in Poland (Warsaw University, Warsaw Medical University, and Warsaw University of Life Sciences) and abroad (Nottingham University, UK; Sheffield University, UK; ITQB-UNL, Portugal).




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Ongoing Projects:
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MINIATURA 1 (NCN) “Wpływ ładunku powierzchniowego na aktywność nowych hydrolaz peptydoglikanowych z gatunku Staphylococcus pettenkoferi”