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        Functional interactions of human proteins involved in post-transcriptional regulatory mechanism

Project leader:

Andrzej Dziembowski, PhD, Professor
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Team members:

Anna Hojka-Osińska (Post-doc), Paweł Krzwczyk (Post-doc), Karolina Wróbel (PhD Student)



About the project:             


Processive exoribonucleases (DIS3, DIS3L, DIS3L2, XRN1, and XRN2) play a major role in eukaryotic RNA processing and decay. To explore novel factors and relationships in human RNA catabolism, we plan to conduct multiple siRNA synthetic lethality screens. We expect to observe negative interactions whereby the depletion of a given protein is harmful to cells with a dysfunctional nuclease of interest, slowing growth or causing the cell death. We expect to observe positive interactions, as well, in cases where the opposite is true. The screens will serve as a starting point for more detailed molecular analyses, focusing on certain functional interactions of interest. From this effort, we will provide a comprehensive picture of the relationships among different RNA decay pathways and identify novel players involved in post-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms. Finally, we plan to pursue some of the identified synthetic-lethal interactions with targeted therapies for selected cancers


This project is carried out within the TEAM programme of the Foundation for Polish Science co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.